Saturday, September 29, 2012

Time for a Field Trip

This week we started our Boy vs. Girl Bean Plant Growing Competition, where the students see who's bean plant can grow the most over the next few months. We had a great Parts of Speech group activity this week, where each groups became an expert in one of the parts of speech and then presented their lesson to the class.

We also finished section 3 in math this week and started reading the book Chalk Box. In social studies, we worked on globes and hemisphere identification. The final point I want to mention about this week was that our first book report was assigned and is due on October 29. Here are some examples of the pumpkin decorating portion:

Here's what's coming up next week:
  • We have our first field trip this week and I'm still missing a few of your permission slips and checks
  • We will start working on the elements of a paragraph in writing
  • We will begin Math, Unit 4 on Monday, which focuses on subtraction
  • We will combine our direction skills with the compass rose, in order to improve our map skills

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Pen Pal Time!

Hi Class!

Sorry for the delay on this post. I had a family-filled weekend that kept me very busy. Last week we had our Theme 1 reading test on sequencing, inference, cause and effect, and comprehension. We also did our Topic 2 math test on rounding. We started Topic 3, which focuses on adding whole numbers with various strategies.

In science, we focused on our seed growers and finished observing their initial growth. We also looked into absorption and discussed their behaviors. In social studies, we talked about hemispheres and continued our discussion of continents. Our writing segment last week focused on cause and effect. We also wrote to our new pen pals in Colorado. The students are very excited to hear back from them in a few weeks!

Here's what's coming up this week:
  • Continue studying Topic 3 in math
  • Start our first Novel called Chalk Box 
  • Keep following the growth of our seeds
  • Learn more map and direction skills for social studies
  • Finish cause and effect writing unit
  • Picture day is on Tuesday, 9/25
  • Half day on Thursday, 9/27
Have a great week!

Mrs. Andersen

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Planting Seeds of Knowledge

This week we had a blast planting our seeds in our planters. Each student is responsible for watching one seed's progress. In addition to our mini-landforms, we worked on some geographic landform drawings. The students will present their landform's to the class next week.

In math, we are still working on rounding, focusing on the tens, hundreds, and thousands units. In reading, we finished our first theme: skills inferences, cause and effect, and sequencing. The class did a great job with our writing exercise for the book, A Bad Case of the Stripes.

Here's what's coming up:
  • We'll have a Math test on Tuesday
  • On Wednesday, right after school, we'll have a 15 minute Math tutorial for parents to introduce our new homework program
  • For reading, we'll have our Theme 1 test and we'll be starting our first novel chalk box
  • In writing we'll work on narrative writing and will have our first formal writing assessment
  • We'll keep working with seeds for science
  • For social studies, we'll be discussing the compass rose
  • Don't forget: book orders are due Sunday by Midnight 
See you on Monday!

Mrs. Andersen

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

What a great week! We had our second science lesson, where we looked at various seeds and drew scientific drawings. We even got to dissect fava beans! The students had a lot of fun with it.

We also had our first math unit test and ended up with a class average of 80.2% (which is an S). The test will come home on Monday, and if your child received a score below a 65% (which is an N), there will be practice worksheets attached to the back.

Additionally, we had our first reading section test, which had an average score of 7.8. The first two questions required the students to write complete sentence answers that included the context of the question being asked. I instructed the students on this tactic and had them practice it right before the test. Many students still struggled with it, so we'll continue to focus on it moving forward.

Here are some important announcements and updates on what's coming up next week:
  • I posted the 'Math Facts - Addition and Subtractions' test under the math section of the Resources Tab. The students will take this same test in two weeks.
  • Book orders are online and ready to be purchased! I placed instructions as the first item on the Resources Tab. Don't forget to use the class activation code!
  • We'll have our first Social Studies test this week on geographic features
  • New spelling words will be coming home on Monday and attached you will find last week's spelling test. Please keep these at home to practice during the week.
  • We'll be starting our next unit in math. It focuses primarily on rounding. We'll have a test on the material on Friday.
  • Library time starts this week.
  • We'll also start writing our Pen Pals this week.
  • Walk or bike to school day is on Tuesday.
  • Have your students take the next poll!
Have a great weekend!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Diving into Curriculum

It was great to see you all at Back to School Night! We had another successful week in our classroom with the start of our Structures of Life Science Unit and the completion of our initial reading assessments. We're learning more and more every day!

Here are some important updates for next week:
  • Scholastic Book Orders went home this week. Please visit the resources tab for all the details.
  • We'll have our first Math Test this week, so review all math homework and the pretest that will go home this week. The students have been struggling with reading numbers in the hundred-thousands.
  • Our first regular spelling test will be next Friday. The spelling list will go home on Tuesday.
  • Help your students think of someone they can write to in another state for our Flat Stanley Project
  • Picture day has changed to September 25 and is updated on our class calendar. Be looking out for updated instructions in the next few weeks.
  • There are a few behavior contracts that still need to be signed and returned. Please check your homes and return them this week.
  • We're still figuring out the times for the Art Docent to come and I will update the volunteer form next week when it's locked down.
  • The Math Facts will be posted mid-week to the math section of the resources tab.
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and don't forget to take the new poll!

Mrs. Andersen