Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

What a great week! We had our second science lesson, where we looked at various seeds and drew scientific drawings. We even got to dissect fava beans! The students had a lot of fun with it.

We also had our first math unit test and ended up with a class average of 80.2% (which is an S). The test will come home on Monday, and if your child received a score below a 65% (which is an N), there will be practice worksheets attached to the back.

Additionally, we had our first reading section test, which had an average score of 7.8. The first two questions required the students to write complete sentence answers that included the context of the question being asked. I instructed the students on this tactic and had them practice it right before the test. Many students still struggled with it, so we'll continue to focus on it moving forward.

Here are some important announcements and updates on what's coming up next week:
  • I posted the 'Math Facts - Addition and Subtractions' test under the math section of the Resources Tab. The students will take this same test in two weeks.
  • Book orders are online and ready to be purchased! I placed instructions as the first item on the Resources Tab. Don't forget to use the class activation code!
  • We'll have our first Social Studies test this week on geographic features
  • New spelling words will be coming home on Monday and attached you will find last week's spelling test. Please keep these at home to practice during the week.
  • We'll be starting our next unit in math. It focuses primarily on rounding. We'll have a test on the material on Friday.
  • Library time starts this week.
  • We'll also start writing our Pen Pals this week.
  • Walk or bike to school day is on Tuesday.
  • Have your students take the next poll!
Have a great weekend!