Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Chew Bubble Gum

It was nice to see so many of you at the walk-a-thon today. We had a fantastic week in the classroom. Here's what we were up to:

Reading: We continued reading The Chalk Box Kid and focused on the skill of visualization. To practice this skill, the students drew what they saw while I read a few chapters from the book. Then, they worked on chalk gardens using support from the text to guide their illustrations. Be sure to have you students practice visualization while they D.E.A.R each night. This can be done by asking them what pictures are being painted in their minds.

Writing: We are working on paragraph organization and made some nice progress. We also finished our instructional writing project on how to chew bubble gum. They had a lot of fun exploring their creativity with that one.

Math: We are about to wrap up our subtraction unit. This week a few students struggled with regrouping in subtraction. Particularly, when it had to be done multiple times to solve the problem. For some students, it seemed to be a conceptual gap where they didn't understand why you can regroup. If you find your students struggling, try practicing with a place value chart and show your students that the number is the same when you regroup, you just adjusted the value in each place.

Science: We are continuing to chart our bean growth, and the gentleman's beans seems to be growing much faster than the lady's, but the girls are hoping for a comeback. We also started our field guides on various plants and animals in the diverse ecosystems of California.

Social Studies: This week we focused on Columbus. Students used a timeline of Columbus' life as well as the atlas to answer questions about his life and track his route. They also did some searching in the dictionary for less familiar terms. We are ending our Columbus unit by answering the question "Would you sail with Columbus?" Students were assured that a vote in favor of the voyage did NOT mean they wanted to be mean to the native people they encountered in the new land, just that they had an adventurous spirit. So far 20 votes have been cast and we are tied at 10 to 10. With 4 votes to go, we will see what happens Monday.

Here's what's coming up next week:

Reading: We will finish The Chalk Box Kid and have a comprehension quiz for it on Thursday.

Writing: We are continuing to work on Paragraph organization and will work on extending some paragraphs that are lacking development.

Math: Our Unit 4 test will be on Tuesday. Wednesday will mark the beginning of Unit 6 on Multiplication concepts. This is the first of the three multiplication units.

Science: We are continuing to map our bean growth. We will also continue to work on our field guides.

Social Studies: We are going to transfer some of our map skills to other subject matter and focus a bit more on using the Compass Rose for direction. We are also going to look at California through the lens of our field guides.

Permission Slips: I have received the impact wavier from nearly everyone in our class, but I only have half of our District required permission slips for Jasper ridge. I attached the form to the email I sent out to everyone about project cornerstone. Please let me know if you need me to send it to you again. I don't post any of the field trip forms on the website for the protection of the students. As a district, we don't think it's safe to publicize the location and day we are traveling off campus with students.

Thanks for a great week!

Mrs. Andersen