Sunday, October 21, 2012

Would You Sail With Columbus?

Here's what we did last week:

Math: We finished up our subtraction unit and took the test on subtraction with regrouping. We also started unit 6. It covers multiplication concepts. So far we have adressed repeated addition, arrays, and the communicative multiplication property (3x4 equals 4x3). 

Reading: We finished The Chalk Box Kid and did some related art. 

Writing: We are finishing typing our Flat Me projects. We completed rough drafts for our buddy expository paragraphs and are in various stages of writing "It drives me batty when..." papers.

Social studies: Everyone has now cast their votes on sailing with Columbus! We have 10 adventurers who would sail to the unknown and 12 who would stay home. We drew maps of our classroom this week and linked our map skills to math by plotting coordinates that built a Jack-o'-Lantern picture.

Science: We continued our Field Guides and had a hands-on presentation about Jasper Ridge that included dissecting owl pellets. We also continued to monitor our bean growth. 

Here's what's coming up this week:

Reading: We will start Theme 2 in reading, which focuses on traditions and various cultures. 

Math: We will continue on into unit 6 and the wonders of multiplication.

Writing: We will work on publishing our Kinder Buddy Papers. Students will dive into the world of revision with their Batty Papers. We will focus on compound words and common nouns this week as well. 

Social Studies: We will focus on the Compass Rose in finding directions. 

Science: We will continue our field guides and bean observation. 

Upcoming events:
  • Book reports and painted pumpkins are due on Monday the 29th. Please do NOT send pumpkins early
  • Book orders are due before October 31st. All orders must be done online and information regarding that process can be found in my resource tab
  • Students need to memorize the poem they selected by October 31st