Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blue Ribbon Week

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all ready for Parent Teacher Conferences and Thanksgiving. It was nice to see a few of you at our Blue Ribbon Award celebration on Friday. What a great honor for Oak! Here's what we did during the week:

Reading: We read the selection Dancing Rainbows and we wrapped up our second unit on Celebrations and Traditions.

Math: We finished Topic 8 and took our test on Multiplication Strategies. Please continue to practice your multiplication facts at home.

Science: We took our Life Cycle Test and we published our field guides.

Writing: We completed our Jasper Ridge Expository paper. We also published our Flat Me projects and worked on how to use quotation marks.

Social Studies: We reviewed the purposes of presidents and the branches of our government. We also began brainstorming on an expository paragraph about those branches.

If you haven't already, please fill out the parent teacher conference survey before your conference. I urge you to be on time to your conference so we can utilize the whole 20 minutes.

- Mrs. Andersen

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playing with Crayfish

Hello Everyone! Here's the recap of the week:

Math: We finished up Topic 7 on Multiplication Facts. We also started Unit 8, which covers some of the more difficult multiplication facts.

Reading: We took our Theme 2 Tests and we read the selection, The Talking Cloth. We were focusing on the skill of identifying details. We also completed the teacher read aloud of one of the class's favorite novels, The Big Friendly Giant.

Writing: We learned how to write a better Power Number Topic Sentence. We used that skill to influence our expository writing on Jasper Ridge. We made it to the rough draft stage on that project.

Science: We studied live Crayfish! The students had a great time analyzing their new friends. We focused on the skills of observation and adaptation.

Social Studies: We continued our understanding of the election process. Each student had the opportunity to vote for one of the presidential candidates and Obama won 20 to 3, a slightly stronger win for Obama than the rest of the country. Each student is also assigned to one historical president and has been working on a presidential flashcard.

Here's what's coming up next week:

  • Math: Finish Topic 8, test on Friday
  • Reading: Dancing Rainbows, Selection Test on Thursday
  • Writing: Finish Jasper Ridge final drafts
  • Science: Life Structures Test this week
  • Social Studies: Finish elections and presidential reflections
Please remember to take the parent teacher conference survey before Tuesday. 

Also, don't forget to bring your scarecrows on Tuesday.

Have a happy weekend!

- Mrs. Andersen

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkins and Banana Slugs

Sorry for the delay on this one. I was a little under the weather yesterday, but I should be ready to go by tomorrow! We had a fun-filled Halloween and Jasper Ridge week. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make both of those days go so smoothly. Here's what we did last week:

Reading: We read Anthony Ramos: Born to Rope and worked on the comprehension skill of categorization. We also had some fantastic book report presentations on their painted pumpkins.

Writing: We focused on nouns and integrated our categorization skills into proper nouns, common nouns, and pronouns. We started writing a Jasper Ridge paragraph and another on Halloween candy. We decided to recycle the word "Awesome" and developed a list of synonyms that we will be using from now on in our writing.

Math: We continued our Unit 7 studies and did some fun problem solving activities.

Science: We had an adventure at Jasper Ridge and many students found the plants and animals we've been working on in our field guides. Their favorite was the banana slug!

Social Studies: We started our government unit, focusing on elections. We began to talk about what a President and the Branches of Government can do. Each student was assigned a president to research. Eventually, they will write a paragraph about that president.

Here's what's coming up this week:
  • Reading The Talking Cloth 
  • Working on pluralization
  • Math test on Tuesday
  • Working on topic sentences 
  • Beginning adaptation in science
  • Continuing our elections unit
On Friday, it came to our attention that there was bullying going on about who the students were planning on voting for. I talked to the students about tolerance. Please reenforce this at home and help them see that everyone's opinion should be treated with respect.