Sunday, December 9, 2012

Creative Cranberries and Critters

We had a wonderful week filled with lots of learning, winter crafts, and the book fair! Thank you to all of you who also purchased a book for our classroom.

We started Theme 3 in reading, which focuses on incredible stories. We read Dogzilla and talked about how fantasy stories can have elements of realism. We also worked on identifying synonyms and antonyms.

In writing we wrote our Cranberry paragraph final drafts. We also finished our rough drafts of the presidential paragraphs and started working on our final drafts. We had a great time with our winter shape simile poems as well.

We worked on Unit 10 in Math, which is all about learning your division facts. In science we began our matter and energy units. We also worked on our critter adaptation paragraphs.

Here's what's coming up this week:

  • Reading: The Mysterious Giant of Barletta and the skill of following directions.
  • Math: Topic 10 test on Tuesday. Starting Topic 5 on Geometry.
  • Writing: Winter expository paragraph.
  • Science: Create-a-Critter final drafts.
  • Social Studies: Coolest inventions of 2012.