Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

We had a great and busy week back at school. We didn't waste a minute getting back in the swing of things.

In reading this week we started a Martin Luther King Jr. book. We also practiced our comprehension skills of visualization, seeking important details, vocabulary, and asking questions.

We worked on fractions this week in Math. Students are seeing how fractions relate to their lives through activities like our "Fraction Families" exercise. They wrote fractions for things like the number of boys out of the total number in the family. On Friday, we began working on similar or equivalent fractions. This was a more difficult concept for students and you may want to spend some time reviewing it at home with sites like this one.

In social studies we discussed what it means to be a hero. We differentiated a hero from a famous person and talked about our hero projects. We also looked at important events of 2012.

We looked at the uses of stored energy in science this week.

For writing we established goals for the new year. We also discussed various purposes for a friendly letter and wrote our pen pals.

Next week we'll be doing the following:

  • Reading: continue MLKJ collaborative reading 
  • Math: fraction test on Wednesday
  • Social Studies: studying heroes
  • Science: looking at the transfer of energy
  • Writing: narrative introductions
Have a great week!