Saturday, February 9, 2013

American Heroes

We had a fantastic week with some really creative American heroes visiting our classroom. It was nice to have so many parents stop by for the presentations.

For math this week we continued working on multiplication of greater numbers. We learned some interesting techniques and even a couple of multiplication magic tricks the kids can show you at home.

We finished up our Martin Luther King Jr. reading by writing about how different elements of his life relate to our own.

In social studies we worked on our California Hero group projects. Students are working together to make a large scale facebook page for their hero. We also read about the recent presidential inauguration.

We identified and used story movers in writing this week. Then we practiced story mover selection in our rough drafts of snow globe adventures.

Here's what's coming up next week:

  • Math: Test on Tuesday on multiplying greater numbers
  • Reading: Martin Luther King reading test on Tuesday
  • Science: Focusing on the properties of reflection 
  • Social Studies: facebook gallery walk on Thursday
  • Writing: snow globe story final drafts

We started SPARK P.E. on Monday this past week. Moving forward, please send your children to school wearing shoes they feel comfortable running around in on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I also hope you all had a chance to look over the valentine's note I sent home. Lastly, students will be picking their poems for poem recitation from my class set on Monday.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhog's Day

What a fun week! It looks like we're in for an early spring according to Punxsutawney Phil. Thirteen twenty-thirds of our class were accurate in their predictions. Can you simplify that fraction?

In math this week we took our addition and subtractions of fractions test. We started working on multiplication of multi-digit numbers. Keep practicing those math facts at home. They'll really come in handy for this unit.

We continued our study of Martin Luther King Jr. in reading. We worked on summarization and comparing his work on civil rights to current events. 

In science we studied the reflection of light. We talked about the concept of light moving as a ray and discussed a few of its other key properties. Students got to complete various challenges with flashlights and mirrors to track the path of light.

In addition to our current events discussion mentioned above, we dug into state policies for healthy school lunches. The students tried to come up with other ways they could be motivated to eat healthy. We also continued our discussions of American heroes.

We wrote stories on our kindergarten buddy's animal paintings. Students interviewed their buddies to gather information on their animals. This was followed by writing an animal adventure tale that incorporated the student and their buddy as the main characters.

Here's what's coming up next week:
  • Math: multiplication of two to three digit numbers
  • Reading: finish MLKJ reading and have closing discussion
  • Science: study of reflection of light continued
  • Social Studies: in-class Californian hero project
  • Writing: story movers and narrative writing

On Friday we discussed that the students who are presenting on Wednesday will need to change into their hero costumes at recess, due to PE and an assembly in the morning. Have a great rest of the weekend!