Saturday, March 9, 2013

Prism Viewers

Hi Everybody,

We had another exciting week. We finished a lot of wonderful units this week and it will be great to dive into the third trimester next week. Here's what we were up to:

Aside from some very creative book report presentations, we read The Garden of Abdul Gasazi and we focused on identifying the important characteristics of the narrative story. We also discussed how to use dialog to make narratives more interesting.

In math we finished Topic 15 on long division. Most of our class did well, however, there are a few students who are still having difficulty with this topic. Long division is considered an introductory unit for third grade, and low scores did not impact overall math scores negatively. It's still good to review if you're struggling and be assured that students will get into mastery of this subject in fourth grade. We also took our benchmark test and the students did very well.

In science, we created our own prism viewers and went around the blacktop looking at various materials to see how the light source was being reflected. Afterwards, we read Dr. Seuss's book called "My many colored days" and discussed how color relates to feelings. Students then wrote sense poems about their color of choice.

In writing we worked on proper punctuation of quotation marks and studied the impacts of certain prefixes on words. We also continued to learn more capital cursive letters.

For social studies we read about how American children have an excess of stuff. Students reflected on their own number of possessions and we tied a discussion of how we could participate in the school book drive next week.

Here's what's coming up next week:

  • Reading: differentiate between fact and opinion
  • Math: topic 16 on perimeter, area and volume
  • Science: finish matter and take quiz
  • Writing: integrate dialog into personal narratives
  • Social Studies: Time for kids quiz

Reports are coming home on Friday. Have a great rest of the weekend!