Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shakespeare and Starry Night

We had a creative week with our Shakespeare assembly and Starry Night art docent activity. Here's a recap of the other activities.

In reading we read a selection called Seal Surfer and focused on the skill of comparing and contrasting. We also discussed multiple meanings of words.

We completed Unit 18 in math this week. Some students are still having trouble visualizing and understanding volume. We also started Unit 19 on math involving money. So far, everyone has been doing quite well. You should brush up on regrouping in subtraction and long division.

In science we worked on understanding the perceived movement of the sun. We also practiced our compass skills.

For social studies this week we took turns being archeologists from the future. We then took a dive into the past by starting our Ohlone unit and spent time reading about this local native american tribe. Lastly, we brushed up on our atlas skills.

In writing we finished our leprechaun narrative final drafts. We also worked on our cursive letters and the rules for adding endings to verbs.

Here's what's coming up next week:
  • Reading: making judgements.
  • Math: topic 19 test on Thursday
  • Science: sunrise and sunset
  • Social Studies: Ohlone art and poetry
  • Writing: integrating feeling and descriptive words
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!