Sunday, May 12, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts, cards, and flowers that I received last week. I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful class. It is a pleasure teaching such enthusiastic and bright students. Last week we were very busy in our academics and in our preparation for our musical this week.

In reading, we continued to read Charlotte's Web. We worked on our literature circle discussion skills. Each student in the circle had a different area of focus and needed to listen and communicate their perspective.

For writing last week, we took inspiration from Charlotte's Web and wrote personal narratives about a time when a friend helped you. Additionally, we looked at the suffix -er. We practiced sorting words by the usage of the suffix and also practiced spelling words when you add and -er to the end.

In Math, we started Unit 20 on Probability and data. We practiced reading and transferring data to tally charts.

We studied the moon in science this week. Students practiced identifying the moon's phases and understanding its path around the earth. We charted the moon each day and worked on our planet reports.

In Social Studies, we continued our study of the Ohlone people. We also read about scientific work happening for extinct animals.

Next Week
Reading: Charlottes Web
Writing: Personal narrative final draft
Math: Continue Probability
Science: Test on Tuesday
Social Studies: The Ohlone

Happy Mother's Day!