Saturday, September 28, 2013

A is for Addition

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you enjoyed your extra day off and took the time to do something very fun. The rest of the teachers and I were busy at work yesterday and I'm excited to try out some fun, new ideas in our room very soon. Last week was a busy week in our classroom.

In math last week we continued to work on addition. On Wednesday, we finished our topic and on Thursday we took our test. A few students still haven't taken the test due to absence so I don't have a class average yet.

For reading we worked on the "Author's Viewpoint." The viewpoint of an author means the opinions, biases, and feelings an author has that are implied in their writing. To help illustrate this point we read two versions of Cinderella and discussed the two different viewpoints.

In writing this week we focused on identifying common and proper nouns. We also focused on the /or/ sound in spelling. In addition we practiced our writing stamina through journaling.

We continued to work on our Oak maps in social studies. Some students have been required to redo their maps a couple of times due to insufficient effort. When students are asked to redo assignments they are graded across their overall effort. We also started talking about our Los Altos community.

In science we made spouters this week. We have placed our seeds in them and made our hypothesis for the growth we will see.

Next week:

  • Math: Begin Topic 4 on subtraction
  • Reading: Begin our 1st novel 
  • Writing: Homophones
  • Social Studies: Landforms
  • Science: Seed soak
Mrs. Andersen