Saturday, September 7, 2013

B is for Back to School Night

Hello Caring Community,

It was great getting to meet so many parents at back to school night this week. I hope you enjoyed your time and feel like you know more about me, our classroom, and each other. We had an exciting week and had our first of many types of tests this week.

In math this week we finished our unit on place value. We had our first math test on Friday and had a mean of 88%. Some students still need to work on understanding the difference between place and value of various digits. We also began taking our quick check quizzes. Many students are challenged by this assessment since it requires them to explain their thinking about problem solving.

Social studies this week focused on continuing to build our community. We also integrated map skills by having students create self portrait maps. They used landforms and bodies of water to represent different aspects of themselves. Then they created a key and used a compass to tie in mapping skills.

For reading we worked on sequencing. We sequenced books from project cornerstone, along with our class reader. The students also took their first free response comprehension test. Students will take this weekly and will have to work on complete and detailed responses.

In writing we worked on parts of speech. We hunted for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We also worked on a cursive letters. Many students need to practice their print and cursive letters. For spelling we worked on long o and ch, sh, th, wh sounds.

Next week:

Math: Test Friday on Rounding
Social Studies: School Community
Reading: Inference
Writing: Parts of Speech
Science: Seeds