Monday, October 28, 2013

G Is for Generalization

Dear Wonderful Students and Parents,

 This week was really nice.

 For math we learned about making generalizations and comparing polygons.
 In reading we read the Witch of Fourth Street.
 For science we made observations for our seedlings.
 In writing we brainstormed about what top 3 favorite subjects are.
 My favorite part was math because my favorite subject is math.

 Now you can see this week was a good week,
 Scout #8

Next Week:

  • Math: Multiplication Concepts
  • Science: Seedling Hypothesis
  • Reading: Inference
  • Social Studies: Political and Physical maps
  • Writing: Topic Sentences

Saturday, October 19, 2013

O is for Owl Pellets

Dear helpful, hard working, and awesome students and parents,

This week was really outstanding and fun,

For math I really liked learning the different types of triangles.

In reading I liked doing the Witch of Fourth Street's cause and effect.

For science I liked the wild life volunteer because we got to see what was inside owl pellets and I also liked seeing the stellar jay, the animal skulls, and the leaf tracing station.

For social studies we practiced using indexes to find locations in Los Altos.

In writing I liked learning the different types of writing.

My favorite part of the week was the wild life volunteers because I liked looking in the owl pellets.

Scout #2

Next week:

Math: Topic 5 Test Friday
Reading: Inferencing
Science: Plant Structures
Writing: Brainstorming/Planning
Social Studies: Land form identification

Monday, October 14, 2013

W is for Walk-a-thon

Sorry to be posting this a couple days later than usual. With the Walk-a-thon it was such a busy weekend! I truly enjoyed seeing so many of you there!

---Mrs. Andersen

Dear Active Students and Parents,

This week was really great

For math, we worked on bookwork and rotations on subtraction.

In reading, we worked read a chapter on Mrs. Dunn’s lovely, lovely farm.  We worked on inferencing.

For science we observed seed growth.

In writing we worked on our “It drives me batty when…” papers

My favorite part was Show don’t tell because #1 guessed mine right (students conveyed emotions through descriptive words for others to guess)


Scout #5

Next Week:
  • Math: Topic 4 Test Tuesday
  • Reading: Sequencing/ Cause and Effect
  • Writing: Different types of writing
  • Social Studies: Los Altos Maps
  • Science: Plant Structures

G is for Germination

Dear Astounding Students and Parents,

This week was really exciting. 

For math we did subtraction. We used a hundreds chart and estimated. In reading, we read The Witch on Fourth Street and worked on cause and effect and sequencing.

For science we observed the seeds we have been germinating.

In writing we were working on an assignment about what drives us crazy.

My favorite part of the week was math stations because I enjoy doing the math games.

Scout #1

This is our first recap written by a student!

Next Week:
Math: Subtraction Skills
Reading: Inference
Writing: Begin Expository/Opinion Paragraph
Science: Plant Structures