Monday, October 14, 2013

W is for Walk-a-thon

Sorry to be posting this a couple days later than usual. With the Walk-a-thon it was such a busy weekend! I truly enjoyed seeing so many of you there!

---Mrs. Andersen

Dear Active Students and Parents,

This week was really great

For math, we worked on bookwork and rotations on subtraction.

In reading, we worked read a chapter on Mrs. Dunn’s lovely, lovely farm.  We worked on inferencing.

For science we observed seed growth.

In writing we worked on our “It drives me batty when…” papers

My favorite part was Show don’t tell because #1 guessed mine right (students conveyed emotions through descriptive words for others to guess)


Scout #5

Next Week:
  • Math: Topic 4 Test Tuesday
  • Reading: Sequencing/ Cause and Effect
  • Writing: Different types of writing
  • Social Studies: Los Altos Maps
  • Science: Plant Structures