Sunday, January 26, 2014

G is for Government

Hi Everyone,

Last week was short but power-packed with a lot of learning. We moved desks and have started a new goal to live to our potential using the philosophy "practice makes permanent." We reflected on how good habits, when practiced, can become permanent, but also how unproductive habits are just as easily made permanent.

In Math we are working on identifying and using fractions, which is a skill the students should master this year. As a part of our study this week students will be exposed to simplifying fractions and using equivalent fractions. This is a hard concept for third graders. We don't expect mastery of this component this year.

We're practicing the skill of text connections in reading. Identifying connections between yourself and the book you're reading should be the easiest form of connection for the students. The 'text to text' connections we're working on are a bit more difficult and will require extra attention. A great way to reinforce your student's understanding of this concept at home is to discuss how they connect to their nightly reading.

In science we've been studying energy and have had some wonderful experiences in the stem lab and in our classroom. We've been understanding the different types of fuels and how energy is transferred. We'll be back in the stem lab this week doing some hands on experimentation.

Last week we were focused on revision, specifically word choice in writing. To apply these principles, students have been writing and illustrating their own poems that will be organized into a class book. We isolated and looked at nouns, adjectives, and verbs in our own work to see if we could make them more specific and creative.

Social studies was a blast last week! We finished our government unit and the students are all officially politicians. We spent the week wrapping up the unit, preparing for the test, and taking the test. This week, we'll be doing a final synthesis of our knowledge to tighten up a few open questions.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Andersen