Sunday, February 9, 2014

F is Fraction

Hi Class and Parents,

We had a lot of students coming in and out with the flu last week. Please keep your students at home if they're having a fever or other extreme symptoms.  We're trying to eliminate the spread of germs in our room by waving instead of shaking hands and by encouraging frequent hand washing.

In reading we're still working on our Martin Luther King book. Students continued making text based connections and learning how to provide evidence. We will continue to work on these skills this week.

For math last week, we finished studying fractions. Students generally performed well on this topic and many were able to understand the beginning concepts of equivalent fractions. The topic test average was 88%. This week we'll be starting topic 14 on multiplying greater numbers. This is an introduction to large scale multiplication and mainly focuses on the reason why the traditional algorithm works.

We almost finished our first section on the transfer of energy in science last week. We will be taking our first science quiz on Tuesday. We will then be looking at light and energy.

In social studies we focused on what makes a good settlement and then looked at five key events that shaped the settling of Los Altos.

We wrote expository paragraphs this week on either showing love or celebrating Valentine's Day. Students turned their paragraphs into a heart mobile. We also looked at the elements of narrative writing. This week we'll be working on simple dialogue in narrative writing.

Valentine's Day is this Friday. I sent home a flier last week outlining the guidelines for the day, including a list of student's names spelled correctly. If you need an additional copy of the list, please have your student let me know. This Friday will also be an Oak School spirit day. We will be coming to school in our pajamas.

I hope you've all had a chance to watch the olympics this weekend.! See you tomorrow.

Mrs. Andersen