Sunday, February 23, 2014

V is for Valentine's

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful week off and enjoyed your time with your families. We're going to jump right back into the swing of things tomorrow, so get ready.

Two weeks ago in Math, we finished our Topic 14 on multiplication of greater numbers. The majority of our class did exceptionally well on this topic. Our class average on the test was 88%, however the majority of the students scored above 90%. This week we'll be dividing greater numbers and we'll have a test on Friday.

In Social Studies we continued to learn about Los Altos history and I hope that you have the opportunity to go on the Los Altos walking tour that was sent home in your Thursday envelope. You can also find it here: Los Altos Walking Tour This tour is a great way to bring history to life for your student. We will continue to study this topic for the next few weeks.

In science we started working on the movement of light. We also finished our study of fuel and energy. We'll be looking at reflection and colored light this week.

We started a new writing prompt two weeks ago about a painting that comes to life. Students are exploring famous works of art and creating an imaginative narrative using dialogue. We will continue to refine and edit these pieces this week.

We have continued working on our Martin Luther King book for reading. We have incorporated the use of poetry into our studies and analyzed the key vocabulary. We also continued to work on our text connections and citing evidence to support our answers. We should be finishing this book by the end of the week.

Additionally, we revisited our popsicle stick bridges and tried to determine which could hold the most weight. Our bridges were stronger than anticipated and the third grade teachers are currently finding another time for us to test their strength with more weight. Also, a big thanks to our wonderful room parents and the volunteers who made our Valentine's party so special!

See you bright and early!

Mrs. Andersen