Sunday, March 9, 2014

O is for Oobleck and Ohlone

Dear Spectacular Students and Parents,

I hope you all remembered to turn your clocks ahead for the beginning of Daylight Saving Time this morning. We may have some drowsy students tomorrow, but we have a lot of great things going on this week that will be sure to help them adjust quickly.

Last week in math we started our unit about time. Students practiced converting between measures of time and determining elapsed time. As we move into this week, we will practice telling time to the minute and problem solving using a combination of time-calculating strategies. Our topic test covering these concepts will be on Wednesday.

In writing last week we reflected on our personal experiences. We also continued to refine our "Paintings Came to Life" narratives. This week we will be starting our "ABC Fairytales", through which students will tell a traditional fairytale in 26 sentences, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet. We will begin this piece by learning and analyzing various literary hooks.

We wrapped up our study of Los Altos history in social studies last week by comparing Los Altos then and now. We also began our Ohlone study with a wonderful field trip to Coyote Hills. It was so fun to see social studies come to life for our students. We're very thankful for all of the parents who made the trip possible. Coming up this week, we will officially end our study of Los Altos history with an assessment on Tuesday. We will then continue our Ohlone studies for the remainder of the week.

Last week in reading we worked with a narrative selection called Dogzilla. During our reading time, we focused on the elements of fantasy and realism that the author used to create this humorous piece. We continued to develop our skill of using text evidence to answer questions. This skill continues to be challenging for our studies, so this week, students will have the opportunity to review and correct mistakes made on their selection test. We will also practice this skill as we read our next piece entitled The Mysterious Giant of Barletta.

For science last week we studied the different states of matter. First, we experienced non-newtonian fluids by creating Oobleck. A wonderful teacher from Camp Edmo visited and taught our students this lesson. In the Stem Lab students sorted various objects by their state of matter and created rules for each state. In our own room, we reviewed the states of matter through a reading and discussed the difference between opinions and evidence. This week we will finish our study of matter and take an investigation quiz.

As a reminder, report cards will go home on Friday. It has certainly been a great trimester. Please read below to hear from last week's Scout of the Week.

Mrs. Andersen

This week our class had a fun field trip at Coyote Hills to learn about the Ohlone Indians.  It was exciting to play some the games that the Ohlone played and makes strings out of thule.  We learned that the Ohlone used obsidian to make their spiers.

We had a visit from a camp counselor and learned about the three parts of matter.  Solid, liquid and gas.  During this visit we learned how to make oobleck, which I thought was totally cool!  So did my sister!  

In class, Mrs. Andersen taught us how to find the elapsed time.  During the week we enjoyed hearing all of the different historical fiction presentation from all of the class.  

Thank you to all our parent volunteers who were able to chaperone at our field trip and to our 3rd grade teachers for organizing such a fun day of learning for us.  

Enjoy the week and longer days,
Scout # 7