Sunday, March 16, 2014

T is for Time

Hi Parents and Students,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had a busy week with lots of learning.

For Math last week we finished our unit on telling time and doing problem solving using time. We took our test on Wednesday and it turned out to be a difficult unit for the class. In order to make sure our students understand this concept, we're going to spend this week reviewing time and the second grade concept of measurement. We will have another assessment on Thursday to check for understanding.

In Writing last week we focused on understanding literary hooks. Students practiced creating hooks by taking dull narrative introductions and updating them so they captivated the rest of the class. We will continue practicing the skill this week and will apply it to our new narrative.

We read the short story The Mysterious Giant of Barletta last week and students practiced citing information from the text in the answers to their comprehension questions. Students made progress on the skill of citing last week, but still need to put more effort into crafting complete answers. This week we'll continue to practice this skill as well as identifying story movers.

Last week in Science we finished our matter and energy unit and we briefly discussed phase changes in matter. We also reviewed how to identify matter. This week we will start our study of the sun, moon, and stars.

In Social Studies we had an Ohlone presenter. He talked to the students about the Ohlone lifestyle and showed them how to crush acorns. He even built a small fire on the blacktop. Students got to use a drill press, play the game of staves, and paint their faces with special rocks. We'll continue our Ohlone study this week.

Keep an eye out for those leprechauns tomorrow and don't forget to wear green!

Mrs. Andersen